Period Charity %
2024-07 -
2024-06 -
2024-05 -
2024-04 -
2024-03 -
2024-02 -
2024-01 -
2023-12 -
2023-11 -
2023-10 -
2023-09 -

Each month, every wallet has the flexibility to select a donation percentage ranging from 1% to 100%. You are free to adjust this percentage at any point during the month. The royalties snapshot will then automatically calculate your updated share in XRP during the next snapshot.

On the last day of the month, at 23:59, the final snapshot will be taken, and the percentage set at that moment will determine your ultimate share in XRP for the month. Please note that this percentage cannot be altered after the final monthly snapshot has been taken.

You also have the option to decide whether you want to remain anonymous on the royalties table. This choice ensures that there is no pressure on anyone to disclose their identity.

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