The RipplePunks collection comprises 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs), possessing almost identical attributes to the original CryptoPunks on the Ethereum blockchain. Nevertheless, there are several distinguishing characteristics, including distinct background colors and certain slightly different attributes. The most conspicuous deviation from the original is the implementation of a distinctive color scheme.

In particular, the majority of RipplePunks attributes exhibit a blue hue, with the use of five varying shades. A unique feature of the collection is the replacement of the conventional black color with a dark blue shade, markedly setting them apart from other CryptoPunk derivatives.

On the Polygon network, we were already engaged in the development of a CryptoPunks derivative project. We designed the "Punks Rewind Collections", which are currently available on Polygon as PolyPunks Rewind, on Tezos as TezosPunks Rewind, and on XRPL as XPunks Rewind.

While there exist numerous derivative CryptoPunk collections, many of these derivatives are generated quickly with minimal alterations such as a mere background color change or a flipped orientation. Given our existing codebase to generate "Punks" and the lack of quality CryptoPunks derivative collections on XRPL, we decided to develop an outstanding CryptoPunks derivative collection called "RipplePunks".

Allow me to clarify that the RipplePunks collection is not a copy of the original CryptoPunks collection on Ethereum. Instead, it is a fork of the Punks Rewind project. This undertaking involved extracting a few attributes from the original CryptoPunks collection, which were then translated into separate CSV files with pixel position and color data. Subsequently, we utilized this information to create GIFs that simulate the loading and rewinding of a "Punk" pixel by pixel.

To generate the 10,000 unique RipplePunks, we incorporated all the remaining missing attributes and revamped the color scheme for all properties. Additionally, we transitioned from creating GIFs to merging pixels into flag PNGs.

We are a family consisting of five members, and we reside on a Caribbean island in proximity to the shoreline. We cherish our proximity to the beach, and regularly indulge in swimming sessions, which we partake in at least twice a week. The name "Ripple" and the implementation of blue hues throughout the collection are inspired by the enchanting ripples we observe in the mesmerizing light blue hues of the seawater.