ogs, rewinds and quartet cards

17.96 XRP


this month

72.5K XRP

total traded

secondary only

-28.4K XRP

    (sales - buys) *1

secondary only

Most Rare RipplePunk

RipplePunk #8348 1

Least Rare RipplePunk

RipplePunk #2670 9103

Oldest RipplePunk

RipplePunk #7475 5430 This RipplePunk was transferred on 2023-01-28 23:30:21 and holding for 537 days.

Newest RipplePunk

RipplePunk #5474 2237 This RipplePunk was transferred on 2024-07-11 11:12:20 and holding for 7 days.

*1 The sum represents the earnings from selling RipplePunk OGs, Rewinds, or Quartet cards. Thus, the color red doesn't necessarily denote negativity; it indicates that the holder invested more XRP in purchasing RipplePunk NFTs than in selling them. Given that the RipplePunks project is relatively new, investors are holding their NFTs with the expectation of earning larger profits in the future.

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